Hey Girl, Heal

Hey Girl, Heal Journal [DIGITAL]

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The Hey Girl, Heal digital journal is an all-in-one journal that increases productivity, boosts gratitude and positions you to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually on a daily basis. This journal allows you to get real with yourself, pull back the layers, and tear down the walls that life has forced you to build. You will also be able to:

- Track your emotions
- Celebrate yourself
- Prioritize your self-care
- Spend quiet time with God
- Set expectations and daily goals
- Develop a pattern of consistency AND
- Be intentional about your personal growth

Key sections include: "The Old Me" Prevention Plan, Daily Mood Tracker, Dream Life Worksheet, Quarterly Goal Plan, Forgiveness Letter, Inspirational Quotes, 90 days of journal prompts for Healing, Growth and God.

Please note:

This digital journal is compatible with all iPhone and iPad devices. The apps that we recommend to download to use the journal are:

GoodNotes (paid),
Notes Writer (free)
or any other notes app that allows you to write on a PDF document.   

The journal can also be printed due to its PDF features and compatibility. 

Journal Dimensions - 7” x 10” (fits inside of any bag or purse when printed) 

Page Count - 214 pages 

This journal does mention God and includes spiritual references. 

The Full Color Digital Journal comes with colored pages, full navigation and the ability to print at your local print company. 

Due to the customization of the journal and instant access - this item can not be refunded once received.

Tahauya Talks Consulting owns all rights to this product due to copywriting laws and binding agreement. This product is not to be duplicated or replicated in any way following purchase.